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Veterinarians in Elbasan (City) by category

Veterinary clinic
If your pet got sick, don't try to medicate it yourself without knowing the real issue. You can put its life at risk. Search for the closest and best veterinary clinic in Elbasan (Albania).
Veterinary hospital
Are you worried by the current state of your pet? Take it to get checked by a specialized medic in one of the veterinarian hospitals we provided to you in Elbasan (Albania) or in its surroundings.
Need to find a veterinarian to take your pet? In Veterinariansguide you have a list of veterinarians in Elbasan (Albania) listed in order depending on how close they are from you.
Veterinary emergencies
The veterinary for emergencies are for pets who need urgent treatment after an accident. That's why, if you are looking in Elbasan (Albania) for a veterinarian who can attend your pet right now, here you'll find it.
Veterinary consulting
We are one of the best veterinary guides in the world. Here are all the contact details of all the sites that offer veterinary consulting in Elbasan (Albania).
Veterinary center
If your pet is sick and you need the diagnosis of an experienced professional, here you'll find all the best recommended veterinary centers of Elbasan (Albania) to take your pet.
24 hour vet
24-hour veterinarians in Elbasan (Albania) that offer high-quality attention for your pet. Don't use other sites! Here we provide the best results you can find in this region.
At home veterinary
If you don't want to overwork your brain looking for references before contacting an at home veterinarian in Elbasan (Albania), great! We already found the best professionals in this region for you. Check our list.

List of Veterinarians next to Elbasan

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 o&b vet clinic(Located 32.16 Km)
rruga sami frashëri, tirana, albania albania Tirana ,Tiranë ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 phone available. 
 klinika veterinare gogu(Located 32.88 Km)
rruga e dibres,rruga veteranet nr17, tirane 1001, albania 1001 Tirana ,Tiranë ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 mobil veterinary albania(Located 33.27 Km)
rruga frederik shiroka, tiranë, albania 1001 Tirana ,Tiranë ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 farmaci veterinare vore(Located 47.51 Km)
autostrada tirane-durres, 100 m nga karburant kastrati, vorë 1032, albania 1032 Vorë ,Rrethi i Tiranës ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 ani helth(Located 47.11 Km)
vorë, albania albania Vorë ,Rrethi i Tiranës ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 farmaci veterinare "tomorr muça"(Located 21.74 Km)
belsh, albania albania Belsh ,Rrethi i Elbasanit ,Elbasan ,Albania 
 phone available. 
 jorgji berdufi(Located 6.03 Km)
rruga cerrik elbasan, kuqani, albania albania Shirgjan ,Rrethi i Elbasanit ,Elbasan ,Albania 
rruga e elbasanit, pranë akademisë së rendit, sauk, tiranë, albania albania Farka e Madhe ,Rrethi i Tiranës ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 vet hospital tirana(Located 30.24 Km)
rruga hiqmet buzi, pranë liqenit të thatë, sauk vjetër, tirana, tiranë, albania albania Tirana ,Tiranë ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 farmaci veterinare 'hasa'(Located 35.15 Km)
rrogozhinë, albania albania Rrogozhinë ,Rrethi i Kavajës ,Tiranë ,Albania 
 phone available.