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5 place joseph lasvergnas, 87200 saint-junien, france 87200 Saint-Junien ,Haute-Vienne ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
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Veterinary clinic
We are conscious of the anguish someone can feel when their pets get sick or are injured. If something like that just happened, here you'll find the best veterinary clinics in Limousin (France).
Veterinary hospital
We hope that you liked Veterinariansguide! We are continually updating the information contained on this page to optimize your search results. If you are looking for veterinary hospitals in Limousin (France) or nearby, you'll find them here.
If you are the kind of person that can only leave their pets with a reliable veterinarian, you just reached the best website. Here you'll find only the best veterinarians at Limousin (France)
Veterinary emergencies
If you are looking for urgent veterinary medical attention in Limousin (France), don't overthink it: in Veterinariansguide you'll find the best-prepared and experienced professionals to provide the best care for your pet.
Veterinary consulting
We are glad to be of help to you! If you are looking for a veterinary consulting in Limousin (France), here you'll find diverse places that have expert veterinarians that could help you clear all your doubts.
Veterinary center
Here you have an extensive database of veterinary centers in Limousin (France) or close to it. After visiting one of the recommended centers by Veterinariansguide, please get back to this site and tell us your experience.
24 hour vet
If you are a veterinarian in Limousin (France) and offer 24-hour services, register to this page. The people who are looking for veterinarians with these characteristics will see your information.
At home veterinary
Do you feel worried by the idea of taking your pet out of your home, to take it to the clinic, get in touch with an at home veterinarian in Limousin (France)?

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5 place joseph lasvergnas, 87200 saint-junien, france 87200 Saint-Junien ,Haute-Vienne ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
53bis avenue de coussac, 87500 saint-yrieix-la-perche, france 87500 Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche ,Haute-Vienne ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
2 rue du bois rompu, 19230 arnac-pompadour, france Pompadour ,Corrèze ,Limousin ,France 
23 place delamare, 23170 chambon-sur-voueize, france 23170 Chambon-sur-Voueize ,Creuse ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
laussac, 19120 altillac, france 19120 La Borderie ,Corrèze ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
39 route de la courtine, 23700 auzances, france 23700 Auzances ,Creuse ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
72 rue grande, 23160 azerables, france 23160 Azerables ,Creuse ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
39 rue des fusillés, 23200 aubusson, france 23200 Aubusson ,Creuse ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
25 maison dieu, 23600 boussac-bourg, france 23600 Couby ,Creuse ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
885 boulevard jean jaurès, 19110 bort-les-orgues, france 19110 Bort-les-Orgues ,Corrèze ,Limousin ,France 
 phone available.