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valiasr, tabriz, east azerbaijan province, iran iran Tabriz ,East Azarbaijan ,East Azarbaijan ,Iran 
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 Website available.
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Veterinarians in Tabriz by category

Veterinary clinic
If your pet got sick, don't try to medicate it yourself without knowing the real issue. You can put its life at risk. Search for the closest and best veterinary clinic in Tabriz (Iran).
Veterinary hospital
Are you worried by the current state of your pet? Take it to get checked by a specialized medic in one of the veterinarian hospitals we provided to you in Tabriz (Iran) or in its surroundings.
Need to find a veterinarian to take your pet? In Veterinariansguide you have a list of veterinarians in Tabriz (Iran) listed in order depending on how close they are from you.
Veterinary emergencies
The veterinary for emergencies are for pets who need urgent treatment after an accident. That's why, if you are looking in Tabriz (Iran) for a veterinarian who can attend your pet right now, here you'll find it.
Veterinary consulting
We are one of the best veterinary guides in the world. Here are all the contact details of all the sites that offer veterinary consulting in Tabriz (Iran).
Veterinary center
If your pet is sick and you need the diagnosis of an experienced professional, here you'll find all the best recommended veterinary centers of Tabriz (Iran) to take your pet.
24 hour vet
24-hour veterinarians in Tabriz (Iran) that offer high-quality attention for your pet. Don't use other sites! Here we provide the best results you can find in this region.
At home veterinary
If you don't want to overwork your brain looking for references before contacting an at home veterinarian in Tabriz (Iran), great! We already found the best professionals in this region for you. Check our list.

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valiasr, tabriz, east azerbaijan province, iran iran Tabriz ,East Azarbaijan ,East Azarbaijan ,Iran 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
east azerbaijan province, tabriz, rahahan st-qatran sq-omran building no 32, 22 bahman blvd, 5163736571, iran 5163736571 Tabriz ,East Azarbaijan ,East Azarbaijan ,Iran 
 phone available. 
east azerbaijan province, tabriz, nowbar, تبریز، خیابان 17شهریور جدید، جنب کوچه ارک, hefdah-e-shahrivar, iran iran Tabriz ,East Azarbaijan ,East Azarbaijan ,Iran 
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List of Veterinarians next to Tabriz

 veterinary pharmacy doctor askarian(Located 386.35 Km)
qazvin, qazvin province, iran iran Qazvin ,Qazvīn ,Qazvīn ,Iran 
 phone available. 
 veterinary clinic dr.tahaei(Located 61.34 Km)
east azerbaijan province, marand, خیابان آیت اله طالقانی، iran iran Marand ,East Azarbaijan ,East Azarbaijan ,Iran 
 phone available. 
 veterinary organization takab(Located 197.23 Km)
galajar, takab, west azarbaijan, iran iran Takāb ,Other Cities in Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Iran 
ahar, east azerbaijan province, iran iran Ahar ,East Azarbaijan ,East Azarbaijan ,Iran 
 phone available. 
 salmas department of veterinary(Located 134.36 Km)
salmas, west azerbaijan province, iran iran Salmās ,Other Cities in Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Iran 
 urmia pet clinic(Located 122.82 Km)
west azerbaijan province, urmia, 63 sheikh-tappeh street، alley، iran iran Urmia ,Other Cities in Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Iran 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 veterinary street(Located 141.76 Km)
west azerbaijan province, qarahziyaeddin, veterinary st, iran iran Qarah Ẕīā' od Dīn ,Other Cities in Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Āz̄ārbāyjān-e Gharbī ,Iran 
 pars animal clinic(Located 303.08 Km)
gilan province, rasht, deylaman boulevard, iran iran Rasht ,Gīlān ,Gīlān ,Iran 
 phone available. 
district 1, hamedan, hamadan province, iran iran Hamadan ,Hamadān ,Hamadān ,Iran 
 phone available. 
 mehregan veterinary clinic(Located 421.50 Km)
kermanshah province, kermanshah, golnaz, iran iran Kermanshah ,Kermānshāh ,Kermānshāh ,Iran